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Max Winebrenner Photographer & Owner Active member of the WPPI, PPI and PPA Merit Award winner of New York Institute of Photography I begin every day knowing that I’m lucky to be doing what I love, my passion in life! Magical Image’s tag line is “The Artistic Difference”! These are not just words, I consider myself a photographic artisan. I use photography to capture moments in time creatively while delivering lasting memories that will bring joy to the viewer, and my clients. There is a story and beauty to be captured from life’s moments and it is my goal to do my best at saving these keepsake memories. Anybody can buy a camera and take a snapshot by pushing the shutter button; however it takes an artist, a professional to capture the essence of the moment, person or event in a photograph. Photography is more than just an image of a person or a group. A photograph should show the subjects spirit and personality. Whether I need the endless patience and the reflexes of “Super Man” to capture a child, the high energy to photograph seniors or the stamina to record a wedding day of memories, I have the ability to get the job done. When I’m running around with a camera in my hand, creating and shooting, I feel excitement and a sense of fulfillment. I like the spontaneity and easiness that location shooting brings to photos. Photography should be fun and enjoyable. Weather permitting I prefer location shooting; it eliminates “the old studio look”, allowing my subjects to relax in front of the camera. My photographic journey began over 25 years ago. In the beginning I studied and pursued the art of film photography and processing. My film background has given me a deep understanding of the art and technicalities of photography. This has allowed me to transition to digital photography and processing with ease and creativity. I continue to grow and learn my art and skills through professional seminars and schools like New York Institute of Photography. I would be honored to be part of your family’s memories, and becoming your photographer.